Lower your health insurance costs. Get highly-personalized care.
No out of pocket, no co-pay, no deductibles, no waiting.
With Initial Point Assured Direct Primary Care.

What is direct primary care?
Direct primary care is a new cost-effective payment option that combines the most-often-used primary care services into one affordable flat-fee package. It provides more comprehensive and personalized healthcare, combined with a higher level of convenience.

Consumers across the country are now joining direct primary care programs to control rising healthcare costs and increase access to essential health services in a highly-customized setting. Initial Point Family Medical is one of the first providers in Idaho to provide this beneficial new service.

How does it benefit me?
Initial Point’s Assured Direct Primary Care program includes a wide cross section of primary care services you and your family need at an affordable monthly cost. With direct care, you can choose a more affordable major medical insurance plan, lower your monthly premium and out of pocket costs — all with greater peace of mind about your family’s healthcare.

There is no waiting period. Your benefits can begin immediately or during open enrollment.

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Direct Primary Care: A Better Way to Pay for Healthcare
April 14, 2017

This kind of primary care allows patients to bypass insurance and pay a flat rate to see their doctor for basic services.

A better solution to healthcare