Initial Point Family Medicine is also a member of Assured Direct Care, Idaho’s first and largest direct primary care network with multiple locations across the Treasure Valley.

What is direct care? 

Direct care is a new, cost-effective option that combines the most-often-used primary healthcare services into an affordable flat-fee package. It provides comprehensive and personalized healthcare, combined with a high level of convenience.

How does it benefit me and my family?

Assured Direct Care includes a broad range of primary care services at a fixed monthly cost.  There are no deductibles, out of pocket costs nor co-pays.  Your family can combine Assured Direct Care with existing health insurance and save money by choosing a higher-deductible plan option.

For families without health coverage, direct care is an affordable solution to access primary healthcare services, while bringing greater peace of mind about routine and unexpected healthcare needs.  Primary care physicians often handle 90% of a family’s medical and healthcare needs.

Many employers also provide direct care as a component of employee benefits packages and wellness programs.  If you’re an employer, it may be an option for you to consider.

More Information

Find complete information about Assured Direct Care, its benefits, services and enrollment details at or

Direct care is not insurance.