Lower Benefit Costs. Increase Employee Satisfaction.

Employers across the country are taking action to control healthcare costs and increase employee satisfaction through direct primary care programs. Direct primary care is an innovative, alternative payment model that combines the majority of primary care medical services into one affordable, flat-fee package.

With Initial Point Assured Direct Primary Care, your company can:

  • Lower healthcare benefit costs*
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Comply with the Affordable Care Act

An organization can combine a direct primary care membership with a less expensive healthcare plan. This lowers the cost of health benefits while at the same time providing employees with more comprehensive and personalized health care.


* A review of two years of claims data of major employers participating in a direct primary care program showed that organizations whose employees chose direct care averaged a savings of 20% on health care expenses compared to employees who chose a different option.
New Primary Care Model Delivers 20% Lower Overall Healthcare Costs

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