What is the cost of an Initial Point Assured membership?
Enrollment in the comprehensive Initial Point Assured service is only $79/month for adults 45 years and up; $59/month for adults 20 to 44 years; and teens/children up to age 19 are $19/month when enrolling with one or more adults.

How soon will my services begin?
There is no waiting period. Benefits can begin immediately after enrollment or be scheduled to become active at the start of the new insurance plan year. We encourage you to become a member during open enrollment and consider your cost-savings options for major medical insurance.

How do I pay?
Convenient automatic payments from your checking account or credit card will be set up for your monthly fee. It is withdrawn on the 5th day of the month of service.

Is it required that I have a major medical policy to participate?
Initial Point does not require a major medical plan to enroll, but urges you to thoughtfully consider your own lifestyle and family situation, healthcare laws and available coverage or medical cost-sharing alternatives to provide you with major medical protection for you and your family. We also recommend you discuss the options with your insurance advisor.

Could my company become a member?
Yes. Businesses can also save money with direct primary care. We’ve included more information about organizational benefits on the Employer page.

How do I get started?
Let us know you’d like to enroll by returning the short form or by calling us. We’ll provide the simple registration document and all the information you’ll need to get started with services.

More questions?
If you have questions about your unique individual or family situation or about our services, please contact us.

Questions? Ready to enroll?

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