What’s included in an organizational membership?
The Initial Point Assured plan integrates with all types of major medical plans by providing a broad range of services to support an individual’s insurance coverage.

For employee’s who do not have medical insurance under your organizational umbrella, Initial Point Assured also coordinates with an individual’s coverage under a spousal plan or though the exchange.

It can also be combined with a healthcare cost-sharing option (also called “medical cost sharing”) to provide major medical support for those individuals who are 100% self pay. Some of these non-insurance programs may help with a portion of the monthly direct primary care membership fee.

What is the cost?
There is an affordable annual membership fee for a business based on the number of employees or members in your organization. This membership also provides additional benefits, such as health and wellness sessions for your employees, educational materials and more.

Employees can access Initial Point Assured’s comprehensive services for $79/monthly for an adult 45 years and over, $59/monthly for an adult 20 to 44 years, and $19/monthly for those 0 to 19 years (with at least one adult). Based on the number of employees enrolling at your organization, the cost may be less. Some companies choose to supplement a portion of the employee monthly fees while others do not.

How soon can services begin?
There is no waiting period. Benefits can begin immediately after enrollment or scheduled to become active at the start of an insurance plan year.

Are direct primary care programs in compliance with the Affordable Care Act?

Is it required that an employee be enrolled in an organization’s group health policy to participate?
No, any employee or member may participate in this benefit.

Does an employee need to have a specific work status to access the benefit?
It only requires that the individual is an active employee at the time of enrollment to be eligible through a company’s membership.

How do we get started?
Let us know you are ready to proceed or if you have questions about options for your organization by completing the quick form or calling us. We’ll answer any questions you may have, provide the simple enrollment form and work with you to set a schedule for introducing the new benefit to your employees.


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