We sincerely appreciate the many wonderful comments received from our patients. Here are just a few we’ve received recently.

“I decided to enroll in direct care initially because of Katie. I had been her patient at another clinic and was very impressed with her. When I performed some research on the direct care concept I realized I wanted to enroll with Initial Point because of Katie and because of direct care.

If a friend called me to ask about my experience, I would really, really encourage them to enroll with Initial Point. I would tell that person that my experience has been nothing but positive.”

“With direct primary care, I have greater access to the doctor. It is nice to get an appointment quickly, usually the next day. I don’t feel rushed in the office and the practitioners ask what’s going on in my life that may be contributing to my health condition.  One of the benefits I like the most is having access to the doctor by text on weekends, holidays and evenings.”

“I feel the Assured Direct Primary Care plan is great because we get a lot of benefits for our money. In the last 2 months, I have received a knee injection plus treatment and stitches for a cut. I saved almost $450 as it was all covered under my direct care membership.

I highly recommend this doctor’s office and plan.”
V. Metas

“My whole family comes here – great doctors and staff!”

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